Bibles for “Teen Challenge”


On 2 December organization “Teen Challenge” received 72 Bibles that were donated because of kind help of 114 Bible Society supporters. “Teen Challenge” is a Christian rehabilitation program that offers to people in various regions of Latvia opportunity to have a new start in their lives. Its centre for people with dependences is situated in Vārme (near Saldus). Currently there are 11 men living in this rural estate. At the centre of the program are Christ and Bible. Part of their day is dedicated to the Bible reading, another part – to the physical work. They really appreciated donation because their Bibles have been well worn.

The “Teen Challenge” center and its inhabitants.

 Nauris himself has graduated the program. Now he is working at the center as its employee. He said: 'The Bible speaks not only to mind but also to the whole human life. If before that my life was dominated by circumstances, the program helped to attain a totally different perspective. These are incomparable things – spiritual life and worldly life. I have a feeling that God's power can overcome all obstacles. I also gained great joy of life.'

Normunds (from left), Aldis and Zigmunds with their Bibles.

Here the Bible is really being read regularly.