Scholars of Baltic countries debate about the Sciptures


 On 19 December 2013 at the House of Blackheads (currently used by the Chancery of State President) took place international scientific conference on the Bible translation. It was organized by the State Language Commission in cooperation with the Latvian Bible Society and Faculty of Theology and Faculty of Humanities of University of Latvia. The symposium was opened by the Chairperson of the State Language Commission Andrejs Veisbergs and General Secretary of the Latvian Bible Society Valdis Tēraudkalns. V. Tēraudkalns pointed to the fact that in the context of bicentenary of the Bible Society movement in Latvia it is symbolic that the conference is organized at the premises of the building once so important to Balt-German culture in Latvia. Balt-German nobility took active part in the organization of first Bible Societies in Riga and Jelgava in 1813. During the conference scholars from universities and university colleges in all three Baltic countries talked about history of Bible translations in their native languages, about paratexts, about role of the Bible in literature, as well gave first academic comments on the new Bible translation in Latvian launched in 2012.

 Jānis Rudzītis-Neimanis (Faculty of Theology, University of Latvia) presents the paper on Jerusalem temple cult and new Bible translation in Latvian.

 Doctoral student from the Faculty of Humanities (University of Latvia) Ilona Miezīte and docent of the Faculty of Theology Juris Cālītis, former Chair of the Bible Translation Committee.

Valdas Mackela from the Faculty of Catholic Theology (Kaunas University) presents the paper on Bible translations in Lithuanian.