The Gospel of Thomas in Latvian


On 4 June the Latvian BS launched the Gospel of Thomas in Latvian. Audience was addressed by Rector of University of Latvia Mārcis Auziņš, Head of the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities (The Latvian Academy of Sciences) Raita Karnīte, Dean of the Faculty of Theology Ralfs Kokins and General Secretary of the Latvian BS Valdis Tēraudkalns. The Gospel of Thomas is the non-canonical text that has become popular in modern society. Reason for publishing it is not only to make available an important source for understanding early Christianity but also that for many readers this text can serve as a bridge to the canonical text. The Gospel of Thomas was translated by translators from the Faculty of Theology, University of Latvia (Dace Balode, Ralfs Kokins, Enija Pohomova, Guntars Rēboks). Afterword was written by Lutheran pastor, the Bible Society Board member Linards Rozentāls. His parish that is the largest Lutheran parish in Latvia (Luther’s Church in Riga) recently organized public lecture on the Gospel of Thomas.

From the left: V. Tēraudkalns, translators (D. Balode, R. Kokins, E. Pohomova, G. Rēboks), cover designer A. Muze

General Secretary of the Latvian Bible Society Valdis Tēraudkalns: "The Latvian Bible Society with the Gospel of Thomas continues the tradition of publishing key texts of early Christianity. For many people the Gospel of Thomas could be a bridge to the canonical text."

Ralfs Kokins, Dean of the Faculty of Theology (University of Latvia): "Words from the Gospel of Thomas "God's Kingdom" could be intriguing to all people who are involved in the process of self-examination, people who seriously think and work with themselves."

Mārcis Auziņš, Rector of the University of Latvia, said that he left aside some other invitations to be in this event. "It is a joy to keep in hand this small book because it helps to see ourselves in larger cultural context." 

Raita Karnīte, Chair of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Latvian Academy of Sciences: "it is an overwhelming sense of awe to touch the past. Every segment of culture like one we launch today is great, blessed work."     

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