The Baltic Bible Societies meeting in Trakai


From 1 to 3 July in Trakai (Lithuania) took place annual meeting of three Baltic societies. It is tradition that is more than 20 years old. It is information sharing, an opportunity for staff to exchange experiences, ups and down in their work. This year in the seminar took part Turid Barth Pettersen from the United Bible Societies. She had a presentation on digitalization and Bible and publishing strategies.

In 2013 the Estonian Bible Society distributed about 4000 Bibles, the Lithuanian Bible Society – about 2000 (in Lithuania Bibles are distributed also directly by the Catholic Church), the Latvian Bible Society – about 7000 Bibles in Latvian and Russian languages.

The staff of the Baltic Bible Societies stands next to the wooden angel made by Latvian artists. The angel is dedicated to the friendship of three Baltic countries and the historical "Baltic Way" action. 

The General Secretary of the Lithuanian Bible Society Vilhelmīne Kalinauskiene introduces participants with the latest titles published by the LBS.