The New Testament in new translation for young people


Annual charity campaign “My Advent Gift” this year ended with two large donations of the New Testament. 1262 persons took part in the campaign and because of their kind support we were able to publish the New Testament on waterproof paper. Part of the print-run was donated to the Latvian Christian Student Fellowship and to the local Scripture Union organization. Both of these organizations involve people from various denominations. They organize among various activities also summer camps for young people. The Scriptures printed on waterproof paper are very useful for their outdoor activities. This nicely designed edition will be used also for evangelism. In total we donated 250 copies. Thanks again to all supporters!


"This is one of the best gifts to your friend. It is modern and stylish in design, and actual in content. Everybody whatever religious background he/she is will be happy to have it."

Andris Dekants

"The waterproof Scriptures are looking nice, they have the trendy design and my friends are saying that they also would like to have a copy. I think that for a person like me who often goes camping this edition will be very useful."

Elīna Tomasa

Amanda and Rita (from the left), coordinators of the Latvian Christian Student Fellowship, receive donated copies of the New Testament.  

Kristaps Kravalis, the Scripture Union

Students at the camp of the Latvian Christian Student Fellowship (19.06.-21.06.) at Stirniene Manor, Varakļāni. Students from the whole Latvia took part in it. Organizers are using this opportunity to proclaim Good News with their life and their attitude towards the world around.