The Second Bible Championship


On 1st of November at the premises of Riga St. Gertrude Lutheran Church took place the second Bible Championship. It was organized by the local Scripture Union and financially supported by the Latvian Bible Society. There were 6 teams coming from various places in Latvia - from Riga, Valmiera, Ventspils and Ķekava. Main goal of the contest was not demonstrating how smart its participants (even if they were knowledgeable and enthusiastic) are but to promote the Bible reading. All participants received as gifts a copy of the Bible or the New Testament. Many thanks to 155 individual supporters and parishes who supported this project!

At the opening of the Bible Championship participants were addressed by Valdis Tēraudkalns, General Secretary of the Latvian BS. “Bible is God’s story to us, humans. We all are included in it.”

Looking for the right answer

Winner of the 1st prize - united team of various Lutheran parishes of Riga. From the left: Ilva Mārdega, Daina Siliņa and Agrita Otomere. They all said that it is easy to explain their good results – regular Bible reading.

Participants at the end of Championship.