Launching of the first Study Bible in Latvian


On 11 January at the premises of the Luther’s parish in Riga (the largest Latvian Lutheran parish) took place an official opening of the Study Bible. It was printed in China at the end of last year. The project had a long history – it was started in 2000, that’s why it is typesetted together with the Revised Latvian version, not the new translation. We said thanks to all people who have been involved in the preparatory work – scientific editors Dace Balode and Oļegs Jermolājevs, translator Rasma Vīlipa, typesetter Mārtiņš Bērziņš. Thanks also to now deceased Board member, former Dean of the Faculty of Theology at University of Latvia Vilis Vārbergs who reviewed the German edition on behalf of the board. Thanks to the German Bible Society who allowed to use the text and supported its publication in all possible ways.

Linards Rozentāls, pastor of Luther’s parish, member of the Latvian BS Board: "It is important that contemporary person not only has access to the Bible but also can understand it, that he himself can allow the Scriptures to make a comment on his life and age he or she lives in.


Lutheran Bishop of Liepāja diocese and the Latvian BS Board member Pāvils Brūvers: "I have met people who stopped reading the Bible because they did not understand it. This new edition is like a powerful cross-country vehicle that can take back to the road ones who are in difficulties. 

Valdis Tēraudkalns, General Secretary of the Latvian BS: "Key phrases characterizing this edition are: the first in Latvian language, inter-confessional, easy to read but with enough substance, only a reference point, not a dogma or last word.

First customers.

Pastors are already reading…

Pastors of the Luther’s parish Linards Rozentāls and Kaspars Simanovičs.