Meeting of Bible societies


From 18th to 20th of May in Riga took place the conference of Baltic and some other Eastern European Bible Societies. The Latvian Bible Society received colleagues from Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Ukraine and Norway. The Baltic Bible Societies have a tradition to meet once a year in order to share information, current plans and future vision. This year for the first time colleagues from Ukraine and Slovakia joined us in the first part of the seminar. Colleagues from Norway shared with us their long-term experience in the Bible work. Among topics we discussed were questions how to make our work visible in wider society, how to communicate with churches and secular society, which type of books to publish.

The staff of  Baltic Baltic Bible Societies.

Did you think in current situation of bilingual New Testament edition in Russian and Latvian?”, asks Bernt from Norway. Maybe it could help to reconcile divided parts of the society.

Church attendance in Ukraine is increasing in spite of the war. About 20 000 Children Bibles have been distributed among Ukrainian refugee children and this project has been supported also by people in Latvia. General Secretary of the Ukrainian Bible Society Oleksandr Babiychuk (to the right) and his colleague Rostislav Stasyuk.

Three leaders of the Baltic Bible Societies: Jaan Barenson (Estonia), Vilhemine Kalinauskiene (Lithuania) and Valdis Tēraudkalns (Latvia).