The new Bible translation receives the special prize in literature


 On 18 April at the premises of the renovated urban space called "The Factory of Design" were presented annual prizes in literature. There were also special prizes besides various nominations. Among them - one given to the Latvian Bible Society to mark importance of the new Bible translation in Latvian. "It is difficult to think of the task more difficult then one undertaken by translators who tried to to unite in one whole the Bible and the Latvian language," thus member of jury Pauls Daija.

Photo: Kaspars Jekabsons

The Bible Society participates in the regional Book Festival


On 15 March thanks to interest of the Society for Supporting Rural Libraries Board Chair of the Latvian Bible Society Ojārs Incenbergs participated in the regional Book Festival in Talsi. It took place at the premises of Talsu Christian School. A good number of people listen to the lecture on new Bible translation and its cultural importance.



Discussion “New translation of the Bible: Jewish background, innovations and challenges”


On 21 February the Museum “Jews in Latvia” organized the round table about the new Bible translation lead by its Director Iïja Ïensky. The Museum was established in 1989 to research, popularize and commemorate the history of Latvia's Jewish community. In the discussion participated  General Secretary of the Latvian Bible Society Valdis Teraudkalns, Bible translator, poet Uldis Bçrziòð, Lecturer of the Faculty of Theology (University of Latvia) Jânis Rudzîtis. J. Rudzîtis praised the new translation for 'good sounding'. It does not have any more words from local dialects used in previous translation. U. Bçrziòð said, “Bible translation was the task of national importance. It is not a closed process.” One of questions raised was whether translators kept in mind also that their work will be read by non-churched people, also people of other faiths. V. Tçraudkalns said that main task of translators was to be faithful to original. Meaning of the text is something that comes out of dialogue between reader and the text. It is obvious that readers will differ in understanding of the text. Every new translation opens up horizons that allows for previously obscured meanings to emerge.