The conference “Glűck and Reformation in Latvia”


On 3 October in the town of Alūksne took place the conference “Glűck and Reformation in Latvia”. It was organized by the local Lutheran parish and the Latvian Bible Society and financed from the project that has been made possible thanks to the support of the German Bible Society. Participants listened to the papers presented by scholars from the Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Theology at University of Latvia. Mārtiņš Laizāns analysed how Catholicism and Protestantism has been depicted in Humanist texts in 16th cent. Riga. Ieva Kalniņa in her paper analysed how the phenomenon of Reformation has been depicted in Latvian novels. Her conclusion was that in comparison with other historical periods and phenomena the Reformation only rarely appear in Latvian novels. Valdis Tēraudkalns explained how the Reformation has been presented by Catholics and Protestants in different historical periods moving from glorification or very negative perception to contemporary idea of reconciliation. Ņikita Andrejevs read the fragment of apocryphal Acts of Paul. This translation from Greek to Latvian will be published soon thus providing readers with insights from various versions of Early Christianity.

After lectures two oaks were planted in honour of the new Latvian Bible translation (published in 2012). This was an idea of writer Māra Svīre. This was done next to two old oaks honouring the first Bible translation in Latvian. These oaks were planted in 17th century by the Bible translator, local Lutheran pastor E. Glűck himself.

The introductory words said by pastor of Alūksne Lutheran parish Magnus Bengtson.

Mārtiņš Laizāns (The Faculty of Humanities, University of Latvia) about images of Catholicism and Lutheranism in Riga's humanist texts.

Ieva Kalniņa (The Faculty of Humanities, University of Latvia) about the Reformation in Latvian novels.

Nikita Andreyev (The Faculty of Theology, University of Latvia) reads the fragment of the translation of apocryphal Acts of Paul.

Valdis Tēraudkalns (The Latvian Bible Society) about images of the Reformation nowadays.

Writer Māra Svīre: "I'm from Alūksne and in the past I often passed oaks planted by Gluck. These oaks are the most prized treasure of Alūksne. I wish that in modern home where often there are no more books and bookshelves, should be at least one book - the Bible."

Children from the local school planting two oaks dedicated to the new Bible translation in Latvian.

Two 'natives' of Alūksne - Māra Svīre and Board Chair of the Latvian Bible Society Rev. Ojārs Incenbergs