Meeting at Luther’s Academy


On 18 March Valdis Tēraudkalns, General Secretary of the Latvian Bible Society, and Ņikita Andrejevs, editor of the Bible Revision Committee, met with students of Luther’s Academy, a theological institution of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church. They both informed participants about the Bible revision project and answered their questions. They also presented to students and to the library academic study editions published by the German Bible Society (GBS). The Greek New Testaments and Hebrew Old Testaments will be a very helpful aid to students. This gift was possible because of generous support of the GBS. Vilis Kolms on behalf of the Liturgical Commission of the Lutheran Church read a formal letter to the Bible Society. The Commission is asking the Bible Society to consider making a new translation of Psalms. This would be a version suitable to liturgical needs of the church. Meeting with the representatives of the Latvian BS was lead by Laila Čakare, academic staff member of Luther’s Academy.

From the left: Nikita Andrejevs, Valdis Tēraudkalns, Laila Cakare